Laser Removal for Stretch Marks

Laser stretch mark removal is an increasingly well-known way to address the look of stretch marks on the body. Laser stretch mark removal can involve the use of one of two types of lasers. The first is a pulsed dye laser also known as a vascular laser is used on stretch marks that have more recently developed. This type of laser is most effective on stretch marks that have not yet turned silver or white in color. The second type of laser used in laser stretch mark removal is a fractional laser, the use of this type of laser is also known as laser resurfacing.  Laser resurfacing is generally done on older stretch marks. While both of these options can help improve the look of stretch marks, neither type of laser treatment can provide a full guarantee that all traces of stretch marks will be removed. For people looking to remove stretch marks it is important to keep this in mind.

Moreover, both types of laser treatments have their own set of potential risks and drawbacks. Both pulsed dye laser and laser resurfacing can be relatively expensive, pulsed dye laser treatments typically cost several hundred dollars per treatment and require multiple treatments. Laser resurfacing can cost as much as one thousand dollars per treatment and also requires multiple treatments in order to see results. Additionally, in the case of laser resurfacing people do run the risk of developing scarring or hyperpigmentation as a result of the treatment. If you have only focused upon finding a way to remove stretch marks, you are restricting many of your options to reduce the look of stretch marks. Laser stretch mark removal is just one way that stretch marks can be addressed.

A topical stretch mark product of some kind can dramatically improve the look of both old and new stretch marks, for a fraction of the cost of laser stretch mark treatments. If you are looking for more information regarding stretch mark creams and stretch marks there are website such as and which can provide in depth information for consumers who are considering a stretch mark cream or other type of stretch mark product.

Diminishing the look of stretch marks with the use of a topical product is not only easy, but the best creams sold on the market today can help to reduce the look of stretch marks in just a few weeks of instructed daily usage.