Getting Rid of Stretch Marks

Are you embarrassed to show off your body in last year’s bikini because of the marks that have recently developed? Are you lacking confidence you once had with the appearance of your body? Women are more over affected by the appearance of stretch marks rather than men. Women are highly affected by the appearance of stretch marks after a pregnancy. However, other factors can contribute to the appearance of marks on the body, such as puberty, genetics, weight gain, weight loss or body building. When men become affected by the appearance of stretch marks, it’s generally due to puberty, body building or weight fluctuations. Stretch marks are often referred to as striae or stripes. Stretch marks can differ in size, shape and area of development.

According to websites such as, stretch marks can be diminished if a topical product or stretch mark treatment is used. Technically, there is no best way to get rid of stretch marks. Even with elective cosmetic surgery there is no 100% guarantee that you may get rid of all the stretch marks present. Topical products applied daily can help address the look of cellulite. These products are easy to obtain and may be used in the privacy of your own home. These options are considered non-invasive options. It is important to keep up with your body’s appearance. It may not be easy to transform your body back to its original appearance, but it can help with your self-confidence if a topical product is used. The appearance of stretch marks should not limit your confidence. The best topical products on the market are those that are specifically intended for stretch marks only.

However, men and women who would prefer to use a stretch mark treatment can consider one of these options: Laser or Micro-dermabrasion Treatments. Treatments such as Laser are not the best way to get rid of stretch marks. There are some reports that treatments can further worsen the appearance of stretch marks rather than diminish their appearance. These treatments can also require recovery time. In order to have a stretch mark treatment performed an appointment with a medical professional is required. This means this option cannot be used in the privacy of one’s home. Individuals who lack confidence with their body may not feel comfortable seeing a medical professional to help address the look of their cellulite.