Scars from Breast Enhancement Surgery

Young women often times are not satisfied with their natural breasts. Instead many women feel they need to enhance their breasts by making them bigger or fuller in appearance. In order to obtain bigger breasts, women must schedule an appointment with a breast implant expert. After consulting with the breast expert and choosing the size of the implants you want, you then schedule your surgery with a plastic surgeon.  Individuals who have the breast enhancement surgery will not only need recovery time for the area to heal, but women can become affected by the appearance of scarring around the breast area. Many surgeons try their best to hide away the breast implant scars, but sometimes they are still visible.  Most often the surgeon tries to hide the incision of where the implants were inserted under the armpit or near the Areola.

Breast implant scars can be horrific looking and can make women feel unhappy with their new breasts. It is important to apply a topical scar product to the area as soon as possible. The quicker you apply a topical the sooner you will obtain results. Your medical doctor can advise you of the best time to apply such product. Topical products can help fade the appearance of scars and may be helpful for both old and new scars.

Topical scar products can be used at home and may offer results in as little as two months, with daily directed use. There are several types of scar products on the market such as creams, gels, serums and silicone sheeting pads. Products that contain silicone are highly suggested for use. The ingredient silicone has been shown to help diminish the look of scars and help provide lasting moisture to the scar area.

Breast enhancement surgery can be a disappointment once those scars develop. Scars can look unnatural especially if the scars are red or brown in appearance. Often time’s scars can diverge in length and width. If a topical scar cream or gel does not help fade the appearance of your surgery scars, then you should consider a scar treatment. Common scar treatments are Laser and Microdermabrasion treatments. However, these treatments should only be used once the wound has fully healed and no cracks are visible within the wound. For more information about breast enhancement surgery scars, please refer to websites like