Laser Scar Tissue Treatments

What is scar tissue? What can you do about it? Are laser scar tissue treatments a good option? Are there alternatives to treating scars?

Scar tissue is damaged tissue in the body. After an injury or laceration, your normal skin becomes replaced with scar tissue. The arrangement of the collagen and lack of blood flow is what causes the scar tissue to look different from your normal skin. Scar tissue may always be present, but it is a normal healing process. There are choices available for managing scars.

Laser scar tissue treatments is a method that uses a green light laser that pulses through the surface layer of the skin and seals off blood vessels. The heat of the laser is what makes the skin appear more soft. Most people will be required to have multiple visits and lasering sessions. Some scars can get a treatment as often as every 2 weeks. Even after multiple sessions, weeks of lasering, and a huge expense paid…recurrence of the scar may occur. Overall, many people believe that laser scar tissue treatments only alter the appearance of the scar. Minimizing the scar is a realistic goal for many people with such a blemish. But there are other ways besides laser surgeries and cosmetic surgeries. There are products available that can reduce the appearance of the scar. A topical gel, preferably one that is silicone-based, can make the scarred area appear less noticeable.

How to get rid of scar tissue fast? The bottom line is that there is no single method that can cure scar tissue or remove scars entirely or permanently. Using lasers for scar removal is one option that is successful for many scars. Then again, a topical scar gel can virtually do the same thing. The results can accomplish all that you need (of course, this excludes the most traumatic scars; those usually require medical attention and follow-up care).

But for the majority of scars, such as keloid scars and hypertrophic scars, an at-home “remedy” will do the trick! Laser scar tissue treatments can offer relief. If you frequently get scars, consider using a topical product on your scar.