3 Ways To Get A Firmer, Younger Looking Neck

Neck skin is embarrassing, especially when it resembles a turkey neck. If you feel you have a turkey neck and you are wanting to reduce the look of it, luckily there are 3 ways to get a  firmer, younger looking neck.

  1. Performing exercises to strengthen the muscles in the neck can improve the skins elasticity and can help reduce the look of sagging skin. There are dozens of neck exercises that can be daily or a few times a week to help maintain and improve the look of skin on the neck. You can find demonstrations and suggested exercises online. Each exercise should be done a few times so that your neck is making the most of the workout. Be careful when doing neck exercises. Some individuals who are not skilled in neck exercises may experience neck pain, whiplash, or muscle strain. Take your time and do not over perform the exercises.

  2. Neck exercises are a good approach to improving the skin on the jawline so that it appears more firm. However, neck exercises alone may not improve the overall look of skin on the neck if it is already sagging and has wrinkles. That is why a neck cream, such as perricone md sub d should be used in conjunction with neck exercise. Neck creams are a topical option that can help firm, tone and smooth the look and feel of the skin. Some neck creams are also suitable for women who wear makeup. Individuals may need to apply a neck cream for a few weeks before obtaining results. If neck exercises and neck creams do not offer the desired results you are looking for, then a more aggressive and invasive approach can be used.

  3. A facial lift or neck surgery can help reduce the look of aging skin by tightening and lifting the skin. However, this procedure requires a skilled and trained professional-such as a surgeon. This is an expensive procedure that can cost over $2,500 dollars. For some individuals this is outrageously expensive. That is why a neck cream is a more affordable approach is often favored before surgical options. Take a look at this write up for StriVectin neck cream to see how neck creams may help you. Also, some individuals may experience pain after surgery, while the skin on the neck is healing.